"A quality sleep, a clean room
with all the conveniences"

At the Greensboro Inn, we endeavor to offer our guests the comfort they are used to and the friendly service they deserve.

The nearby malls and unique craft shops are convenient for those wishing to shop. The golf course could provide the relaxation you need.

Don't forget the Atlantic Theatre Festival in Wolfville! Just minutes from the Greensboro Inn.

Enjoy your shopping, relaxation, dining and entertainment, then return to the Greensboro Inn for friendly hospitality and a great night's sleep.

The downtown location of the Greensboro Inn makes it ideal for the convenience of the commercial traveller and their guests.

The drive-up type units provide the ultimate in comfort for easy arrival and departure.

The garden units, with their own decks, nestled in the trees make them a unique pleasure all their own.

Commercial travellers are welcome!

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